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Natural gas appliance installation and repair

Majestic Plumbing and Electric Is Now Metro Atlanta’s Natural Gas Leader

Did you know that Majestic Plumbing and Electric has an advanced, experienced, Natural Gas division? That’s right! Metro Atlanta’s leader in all things plumbing and electrical is now the frontrunner in all things Natural Gas! And what perfect timing! Majestic Plumbing and Electric has perfected their Natural Gas division at a time when Natural Gas Appliances are not only more efficient and more cost-effective, but they’re more environmentally conscious than any other type of energy based appliance today!

The Advancement of Natural Gas Appliances through the Years

There have been amazing developments in all kinds of Domestic Natural Gas Appliances the last 20 years. Besides saving you an average of 30% on your monthly utility bill, most natural gas supply companies can offer you rebates just for purchasing gas appliances or retrofitting your electric appliances. Gas Appliances will also leave a smaller carbon footprint, on average, than electric appliances. For instance, electric washers and dryers use about 35% more energy per cycle than the natural gas equivalent. Gas stoves and ovens tend to outlast their electric counterparts, and they also have the advantage of heating up quicker and more evenly. Gas grills…well, do we really have to mention how superior gas grills are to electric grills? Probably not, but if you need proof, just try a steak from each type of grill, and tell us what you think! As you can see, Natural Gas Appliances are #1 in many ways to electric ones.

Here Are a Few Natural Gas Appliances You Might Love

  • Water Heaters (Tank and Tankless options, you will virtually never run out of hot water)
  • Stoves, Ovens, and Ranges (get up and running quickly and efficiently)
  • Washers and Dryers (keep everything super clean, and watch your power bill costs come tumbling down!)
  • Gas Logs (keep the family warm and cozy for less money than electric heat)
  • Outdoor Natural Gas Fire pits (gather around with friends, enjoy not having to run from smoke)
  • Outdoor Lighting (keep your walkways, patios, and entrances safely and brightly lit, without using electricity)
  • Natural Gas Generators (keep the diesel in the tractor, you won’t need it for this generator!)
  • Outdoor Grills (powered by Natural Gas pipelines, no more gas tanks to fill and replace)

Natural Gas Appliances are the Natural Choice - Need Natural Gas Appliances? Call Majestic Plumbing and Electric!

Reliability. Comfort. Style. Efficiency. Safety. Value. Natural gas appliances are the next new wave in modern domestication. If you are ready to let Natural Gas change your lifestyle for the better, look no further than Majestic Plumbing and Electric for your Gas Appliance installation and implementation processes. Let us show you why our highly-skilled technicians are not only masterfully and wonderfully equipped to handle the technical side of your Natural Gas Appliance installation, but they conduct themselves with award-winning professionalism and cleanliness. Call Majestic Plumbing and Electric, the new name in Natural Gas! 770-450-4795