Sewage Smells

A terrible smell at your home or business is not only inconvenient, it could be the symptom of a much bigger issue than just an unpleasant odor. If you have noxious smells, get an expert to check it out!

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backed up toilet

When you come home after a long day at work, you probably expect to relax, take your shoes off, and enjoy a nice dinner. What you probably don’t expect is to walk through the door and catch a whiff of something that smells like a beached whale, or something even worse! Very few things get the kind of immediate reaction that Noxious Smells get from people in your home or business. If you happen to have terrible odors emanating from your home or office, save the Febreze, and hold off on the scented candle. At best, all you’re really doing is temporarily masking the effects of the odor. As soon as the masking agent is overpowered by the smelly source, you’ve got the same exact problem on your hands again. In fact, it may be even more potent, now that it’s mixed with aerosol spray or scented candles.

To successfully eliminate a bad smell in your house, workshop, office building, or industrial building, you have to find the source of the unpleasant odor. Yes, this might be disgusting, but it is absolutely necessary if you actually want to remedy your Noxious Smell situation. Some homeowners and business owners don’t mind tracking down the source, no matter how disgusting. But there is another option if this sounds like an activity you don’t really want to partake of. If you enter your home or business to a Noxious smell, and you don’t immediately detect the culprit, you can always call your friends from Majestic Plumbing and Electric! We specialize in residential and commercial plumbing, electrical work, sewer repair, and natural gas installation! If anybody can track down your nasty smells, and tell you what the problem source is, Majestic Plumbing and Electric can do it!


Noxious Smell
What Could It Be?
Sewage Smell
It might be raw sewage boiling up from your basement. But the most likely culprit might be a P-trap that has dried up, and isn’t filtering sewer-flavored gases.
Musty/Moldy Smell
If you have a musty or moldy smell, follow your nose. It will most likely lead you to a damp or wet spot near some piping that has lost some of its ability to seal correctly.
Dead Animal
If you smell a Dead Animal, it’s likely a Dead Animal. Okay, this is not a mind-blowing revelation. But if you don’t see it, it might be caught in your plumbing. Yikes!
Rotten Eggs
Unless you forgot to throw out your leftover deviled eggs, this could very well be a gas leak of some kind. Whether it’s sewage, natural gas, or something else, you need a sewer repair professional to check it out.
It’s a skunk. Get out while you still can. The kids can fend for themselves. JK. But seriously. Run.
Fishy Business
Did you just clean fish in the sink? It might be that. If not, you could have wiring problems afoot. When wiring starts to fray, or gets too hot, it can emit a very fishy smell.
This could be a wide variety of things, but sometimes, you get this smell from stagnant water. Stagnant sprinklers, pool water, old piping, or even abandoned appliances can produce algae & decomposition.

Noxious smells should never be taken too lightly. Quickly diagnose the situation, and if it smells like a gas leak, put down the cigarettes, and get out of the house! If it’s not a natural gas leak, or something else you can physically see, and it smells a little more like floating sewage particles, then you might have a plumbing problem! Do you ever wonder why you feel the need to scrub the toilet again when you just scrubbed it yesterday? Maybe the toilet doesn’t actually need cleaning again, especially if the same smell is coming from every drain inside and outside your house. The kitchen sink. The bathroom sink. The shower drain. Your downspout drain. You might even smell a noxious smell weirdly emitting from the pipe fittings, or from the hot water heater inside your basement. Unless you already happen to be a professional plumber or sewer repair expert, it may be time to call the professionals! Got a weird smell? If it’s not old gym clothes or dirty socks, and you need help, call the pros! Majestic Plumbing and Electric can be there in a flash! Contact us today!