Broken Garbage Disposals

If you need Garbage Disposal Installation, Repair, or Replacement, or you think you may have backed up Garbage Disposal lines, you need an Atlanta Sewer Repair specialist! Call Majestic Plumbing and Electric today!

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Garbage Disposal Acting Up? Get a Plumbing & Sewer Repair Specialist to Fix It!

There are several levels of a malfunctioning garbage disposal. How your disposal is operating might determine exactly what you need to do in order to get it back online. For instance, if the electronic function of your disposal is working, but something is wrong with the mechanical section, your appliance might hum, but won’t compact trash. If this occurs, you might be able to get it going yourself. Look at the bottom of your garbage disposal. Do you see a reset button? If you do, make sure no one has hands in the appliance, make sure the door is closed, and press the reset button. If this doesn’t work, and you’re an experienced home repair specialist, you can try other things. But only experienced repair people should try things like turning off the power, and checking the drain for blockages. If your garbage disposal hums, but won’t operate, and you need a Garbage Disposal specialist, call the plumbing and sewer repair experts from Majestic Plumbing and Electric!

Garbage Disposal Installation, Repair, or Replacement from an Atlanta Sewer Repair Expert - Majestic Plumbing and Electric

In a country that has been blessed with abundance, we Americans can sure pile up excess waste from foodstuffs and organic material. If we don’t dispose of that waste properly, then we leave the door open for all kinds of other problems at home. Mechanical, electric garbage disposals, in most North American Countries, have replaced goats as the primary source of getting rid unwanted foodstuffs, waste, and household trash. Garbage disposals may be easier to corral than goats, but they still come with their own sets of problems. The entire purpose of a Garbage Disposal is to grind your discarded food up small enough so that it doesn’t clog your drains or your outgoing pipes. If it can’t perform this function, you’ve got a big, stinky, worthless device in your kitchen. Majestic Plumbing and Electric can fix your Garbage Disposal today!

Clogs Can Happen All at Once, or They Can Build Up over Time

Clogged and jammed drains and blocked outbound piping are fairly common occurrences for trash compacting devices. Obvious jams can happen if you try to put something in the disposal that it is not equipped to dispense of, like silverware, chicken bones, or other very hard, long items. If these types of items get lodged, they can cause an immediate malfunction with your garbage disposal. But throughout the life of your appliance, less obvious clogs can slowly build up over time. Although they don’t cause the same kind of immediate reaction from whoever is using the disposal as if they had dropped a knife down the drain, lesser clogs can work together to be just as harmful, and can stifle the functionality of your home’s trash compacting device.

How to Dispose of Your Disposal Problems

If you do have a blocked, or backed up compactor, water and other items may drain much more slowly. Or disgusting, bacteria-filled garbage water can flow from inside the drainage pipes back into the sink. Quite often, simple maintenance techniques, like checking for dull blades or leaky pipes, can remedy the garbage disposal problems. But not always. You should never stick your hand down into the dark abyss of a jammed garbage disposal, unless you want to land the role of Captain Hook in a life-long, unfunny play entitled “Things I Wish I’d Never Done.” If you feel like you absolutely must go into the drain, flip the power off at the circuit breaker. You may then, and only then, more safely inspect the unit. If the power is off, you might even be able to use a plumbing auger to dislodge or unclog your unit.

Or you could also do yourself the ultimate favor, take the safest precaution, and utilize the smartest method to repairing your malfunctioning garbage disposal: and that’s to simply call Majestic Plumbing and Electric! We are Metro Atlanta’s number one resource for all things plumbing, including sewer repair, and garbage disposal repair! Call us today, and put Majestic’s expertise and experience on your side! (404) 418-8282.