Emergency And Standby Power

Emergency and Standby Power

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Just like life insurance, extra flashlight batteries, a generator, or an inflatable raft, you really never know how much you need an Emergency Power Source until you really need it. Having a reliable emergency power source can be the difference between carrying on with life as normal, or living for a week with an unshowered spouse and kids. In more extreme circumstances, having adequate emergency power sources can be the difference between making it through a blizzard, or potentially freezing to death. When you choose to partner with the Emergency & Standby Power experts from Majestic Plumbing and Electric, you choose to be ready for whatever emergency situation might come the way of your home or business.

Emergency and standby power

While most thoughts regarding emergency power systems lend towards domestic use, or maybe hospitals, the Atlanta area Snowpocalypse in January of 2014 turned a few inches of ice into an Apocalyptic, end-of-days style situation in and around Metro Atlanta. Commuters who left on a typical one hour drive home were stranded for 15, 20, 24, even up to 30 hours on metro interstates. Life for those stranded commuters halted just as it was at midday, and stayed that way through the long, freezing night. Insane car pileups, unprepared Atlanta transportation departments, and ill-equipped Georgian cars and drivers put a bevy of ordinary citizens in a very dire, very dangerous situation.

With no help on the horizon, no public services available, and no real end in site, heroes began to emerge. Some were literal heroes, risking their life and wellbeing to travel by ATV, by foot, by horse, or by any untraditional means they could procure to aid their stranded loved ones. Some heroes, very simply, were Atlanta area businesses who had invested in an Emergency Power Source, like the Standby Power rigs sold, delivered, and installed by Majestic Plumbing and Electric. In fact, without these heady businesses, the 2014 Atlanta Snowpocalypse would have been more than just scary, it would have lethal.

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When you turn to Majestic Plumbing and Electric, you get the very best in service, installation, products, and training. That’s right! We won’t just install your Emergency Power Source, and leave you to your own devices, we will show you how to use it, and ensure that it’s working properly! We even install emergency lighting. Just ask any of our service representatives!

You don’t receive an Angie’s List Super Service Award by giving inadequate service, in any industry. The Majestic way is the best way. Why worry? Give yourself peace of mind for any pending natural or man-made catastrophe! When the next pandemic happens, you really only have two choices. Be prepared, or improvise! Say goodbye to your emergency fears, and say hello to full-ready preparedness, with Emergency Power from Majestic Plumbing and Electric!