Industrial Lighting Installation

If you need Industrial Lighting in the Metro Atlanta area, help may be closer than you think! All Majestic has been helping Metro Area industries install, repair, and improve their lighting since the very beginning. And we can do the same for you! Call for an electrician near your location today!

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Industrial Lighting

Help! I Need an Electrician Near Me to Install Industrial Lighting!

New Industrial Lighting installation is one of the fastest, most worthwhile ways to improve your Facility’s Operating Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness. In today’s modern realm of industrial fabrication and mass production, success is often gauged on efficiency, as well as total productivity per dollar spent. From top to bottom, from management, to employees, to internal distribution, to production, output, and shipping, big industrial firms might rise or fall on total efficiency. Even industrial buildings are thoughtfully constructed in a manner that is conducive of efficiency and total productivity. Shouldn’t your industrial lighting also be a contributing factor towards your company’s success, instead of an efficiency deterrent? Most facilities will spend 4 out of every 10 electricity operating dollars on lighting costs. It makes sense that improving your industrial lighting could improve your cost efficiency, and improve other key factors as well. At All Majestic, we believe that your Industrial Lighting project can have beneficial repercussions on all accounts, including cost-efficiency, and employee productivity. Better lighting could lead to better work precision, higher employee confidence, and fewer accidents. All the problems that could have been avoided with poor, inconsistent, or insufficient lighting can be solved in one call to the experienced Master Electricians from All Majestic.

What Kind of Industrial Lighting Are You Looking For?

  • Factory Lighting
  • Shopping Mall Lighting
  • Water Treatment Plant Lighting
  • LED Decorative Highbay
  • Utilibay LED Highbay
  • Thermoplastic LED Lights
  • LED Geometric Wallpack
  • PHB Performance Highbay
  • Warehouse Lighting
  • Church Lighting
  • Steel Mill Lighting
  • LED Suspended Highbay
  • LLHP Premium Highbay
  • Vaportite Severe Location
  • LED Sanitube Food Service Strips
  • NEMA 4X Industrial LED Emergency Lights
  • Gymnasium Lighting
  • Superstore Lighting
  • Food Processing Facility Lights
  • LED Suspended Lowbay
  • Exit Sign Lighting
  • Enclosed/Gasketed LED
  • Food Processing Highbay
  • Hazardous Location Emergency Light
  • School Facility Lighting
  • Manufacturing Facility Lights
  • Retail Lighting
  • Megaplane Industrial LED Highbay
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Lightwatt LED Lowbay
  • Modular Chassis LED Highbay
  • LED Enclosed Gasketed Luminaire

Industrial Lighting – From Heavy Duty & Hazardous to Vintage Home Designs

These days, Industrial Lighting is much more than just large-scale warehouse illumination, or big, buzzing Gymnasium lights. In the realm of facility lighting, LED lighting has changed the way that many factories, warehouses, and other businesses choose to light up their world. Professional LED lighting is far more efficient than traditional bulb lighting from an energy efficiency standpoint as well as a maintenance perspective. The industry’s move to upgraded lighting styles might lead you to think that the old, steampunk-style, turn-of-the-century industrial lighting has been completely cast aside…but that wouldn’t be completely true. In small businesses and modern homes, a new wave of old-world, industrial lighting has made a complete resurgence. Although most of these lighting fixtures only have the look and feel of the old industrial casings (most of the internal parts are comprised of very modern, updated technology like LED bulbs), these vintage, rustic lighting fixtures are extremely popular in the Metro Atlanta area. If you’d like to know what vintage light fixtures could do for your home or business, call the experts at All Majestic! We can help!

For your big business needs, your lighting should be sufficient enough to illuminate your entire facility safely, evenly, and effectively. Modern advances in illumination technology, like high-wattage industrial LED lighting, will not only boost your workplace clarity, but could save you big money on your monthly electrical bill, AND possibly give you some pretty big tax breaks from the government. It’s a win-win-win!

Do you need new Millennium lighting? How about some new Troy caged conduit lighting? Or maybe you need some attractive new Hubbell industrial lighting fixtures? Maybe you’re looking for the best in Lithonia, Murray Feiss, Nuvo, Possini Euro, Sea Gull, Sonneman, Thomas, Uttermost, Hi-Lite, ANP, T5, or any other brand or style of highbay or lowbay lighting for your factory, warehouse, assembly line, workshop, garage, gymnasium, barn, church, distribution center, hospital, school, courthouse, or any other industrial facility, we’ve got you covered! The experts at All Majestic have the experience, the expertise, and the skills to handle your next commercial lighting or residential lighting installation. Nothing brightens up a workplace, and all your people, like new industrial lighting from All Majestic! Whether you truly need industrial style lighting for your business, factory, or industrial facility, or if you just want lighting for your home or business that has the vintage look and styling of industrial lights, All Majestic can help! Contact us today!