Emergency Lighting Installation

Gain compliance with state building & fire codes, insurance needs, and federal OSHA requirements while keeping your employees safe in emergencies, with new Emergency Lighting from All Majestic.

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Emergency Exit Sign Lighting Up in the dark


Emergency Lighting is a Vital Part of Your Emergency Evacuation Plan

Emergency lighting is not only beneficial, and a great thing to have in place, but in extreme instances like fires, earthquakes, or severe storms, Emergency and Exit Lighting can save lives. The federal and state laws that regulate Emergency Lighting requirements are designed to protect the lives of your employees, your clients, and anyone else who might be in your building when emergency situations happen. Though compliance may seem cumbersome, these laws are truly in your best interest, and the best interest of your people. All Majestic works hard to make sure that hiring a local electrician to install your emergency lighting is a very pleasant piece in your Emergency Lighting compliance experience. We truly hope you never encounter the type of calamity that would make usage of Emergency Lighting necessary. But if a catastrophe does happen, you’ll be as prepared as possible, with high-quality emergency lighting from All Majestic.

Need a Local Electrician to Install or Replace Your Emergency Lighting? All Majestic can handle it!

What Kind of Emergency Lighting Are You Looking For?

  • Industrial Emergency Lighting
  • Wet Area Emergency Lights
  • LED Emergency Lighting
  • Fluorescent Emergency Lighting
  • Self-Testing Emergency Lights
  • RF Surface Heads – with Remote
  • Exit Sign/Emergency Lighting Combo
  • Explosion Proof Emergency Lighting
  • Aluminum Case Emergency Lights
  • Indoor Emergency Lighting
  • Architectural Emergency Lighting
  • Hospital Emergency Lights
  • Emergency Night Lights
  • Recessed Emergency Lighting
  • Decorative Emergency Lights
  • Vandal Proof Emergency Lighting
  • Class I Emergency Lights
  • Industrial Unit Emergency Lights
  • Steel Case Emergency Lights
  • Outdoor Emergency Lighting
  • Hazardous Location Emergency Lights
  • Church and School Emergency Lights
  • Emergency Lights with Alarm
  • Emergency Light Guards & Shields
  • Motion Sensor Emergency Lights
  • Contemporary Emergency Lighting
  • Class II Emergency Lights
  • High Lumen Emergency Lights
  • Plastic Case Emergency Lights
  • Vault/Safe Emergency Lighting

Why Do I Need a Local Electrician to Install Emergency Lighting for My Business?

Emergency lighting is one of those important items that, in the words of the late Yogi Berra, “you never really know you need it, until you need it.” Just like having an inflatable raft, life insurance, or a high-profile generator, if you are prepared when the unexpected happens, you can expect much better results. If you own a home, business, public building, or municipal entity, you need emergency lighting. “For my business? Really? Most of my people work during the day. If the power goes out, it will still be day time. We’ll be fine without Emergency Lighting.” Well, we can’t help but ask if you’re sure about all that? What are the most common occurrences of a major power outage? One word: Storms. Which are usually accompanied by clouds. Which block the sun. So, while we admire the optimism, it may be in your best interest to invest in quality emergency lighting, like the brands and styles installed by All Majestic.

Getting a Highly-Qualified, Local Electrician to Install or Replace Your Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting components and functionality is a little more involved than average, everyday lighting fixtures. So to install it correctly, fully compliant with regulatory mandates, and fully ready to function in the case of an actual emergency, you might need something more than an average, everyday, local electrician. The Master Electricians from All Majestic are your #1 resource when you need Emergency Lighting services. All Majestic’s electrical technicians are localized in the Atlanta Metro area, and are available for all your electrical or lighting needs, including Emergency and Exit Lighting. If you want fully compliant, no-hassle installation from a company you can trust, call All Majestic today. You’ll be sure to experience the same kind of service and expertise that helped our company earn an Angie’s List Super Service award! Contact us today through this site, through email, or give us a call at 770-434-8600. We can help!