Majestic Plumbing And Electric Careers

Majestic Plumbing And Electric Careers

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The team at Majestic Plumbing and Electric is always looking for serious-minded, hard-working, and customer-focused individuals to join us! We have positions open for qualified individuals at all levels of experience, from Apprentice to Master Plumber to Electrician. The range of plumbing and electrical specialty fields in which Majestic Plumbing and Electric team members tend to specialize includes the following:

New homes: “Roughing in” all the piping and electrical fixtures for a new home is a crucial aspect of any new build project. This includes mapping and administrating the logical layout and planning of the fixtures, as well as the piping and positioning of all the appliances.

Commercial: Installation of piping, electrical fixtures and fire protection equipment in commercial and industrial facilities does indeed require skill, experience, and knowledge of dedicated equipment.

Drains: Installation and Maintenance of storm water and sewage drains is a specialized task. This includes the clearing and cleaning of drains, which requires dedicated equipment. Tree roots and storm water debris are often culprits that need eradication.

Home Renovations: The boom in Home Renovations, and a trending towards more luxuriously appointed homes, has meant that plumbers and electricians have been kept quite busy installing new, sophisticated appliances and high-end fixtures.

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Plumbing & Electrician Apprenticeships

The plumbing and electrical trades typically require someone to undertake an apprenticeship, after which most technicians tend to specialize in a particular field and undertake specific jobs. Both plumbers and electricians are generally required to be licensed and registered in order to operate in any locality. Furthermore, they also need to be Certified to carry out specific tasks. These technicians are normally governed by a national or regional code, with provisions for health and safety criteria as well as standards for materials and products. They are also required to hold public liability insurance for the duration of any job they are carrying out.

At Majestic Plumbing and Electric, our apprenticeships are a structured, ‘hands-on’ vocational training program, typically undertaken by individuals wishing to enter a trade, such as plumbing or electrical work. There are various theory elements as well as practical elements to the course, and apprentices are often paid a wage during the course of the apprenticeship. Most apprenticeships occur over a set number of years, with options for full time or part-time apprenticeship. There are also often contractual obligations between an employee and an apprentice, which are far more secure than a typical trainee program. A major benefit of this form of training program includes the practical experience gained while studying.

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